Clinical intervention model based on scientific evidence, carried out by a certified psychologist, whose goal is to alleviate suffering, restore psychological balance and promote personal changes. In the first session, the reason for the consultation is evaluated and, if necessary, a therapeutic plan is outlined, adjusted according to the evolution of the therapeutic process. Throughout the sessions (weekly or fortnightly, of 50 minutes), it is possible to become aware of the needs and own resources, accept and manage emotions and feelings, interpret the meaning of certain experiences in the life story and test more adjusted responses to deal with the everyday challenges. The estimated duration of the therapeutic process depends on the case. Efficacy studies suggest an average duration between six months and two years.

Common issues:

  • Psychological disorders (anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessions)
  • Interpersonal difficulties
  • Family issues
  • Losses and mourning
  • Trauma
  • Self knowledge

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