What happens at the first appointment?

In this meeting, with a typical duration of 50 minutes, you’ll be invited to share the reasons for coming to a therapy session. If it is the first time that you’re seeking the services of a clinical psychologist, feel free to ask questions about the therapeutic process. Assessing your situation may be achieved in one session, but may require two more, depending on the case, after which an agreed plan of intervention is established.


Do I need to disclose personal data?

Yes, your identification is needed to schedule sessions in person or online, and to exchange correspondence, as described in the Terms and Conditions.


What is the therapeutic contract?

It’s the commitment between patient and psychologist, made at the beginning of a psychotherapeutic process. It specifies the duration and price per session, payment mode and rules regarding breaks, delays and missed appointments in the therapeutic schedule.


What is the frequency of the sessions?

Regularity is an essential condition for achieving the intended results. Sessions are typically weekly. Periodicity can be reviewed according to the evolution of the case.


How long can the therapeutic process take?

The duration depends on the evaluation of progress. The therapist shares their assessment of progress with person in therapy. The assessment takes into account: improvements regarding symptoms, perception of well-being and effects on the quality of life, case by case.


What do I need to take into account in online sessions?

When requesting the session, make sure the place you choose for that purpose guarantees privacy, as foreseen by the Deontological code of the profession and in light of the RGPD that applies in the EU. Download a free talk program (Skype, WhatsApp) on your phone, PC or tablet (with iPhone, it can be via FaceTime).

Online sessions have the same duration and cost as in appointments in person and are paid by bank transfer (IBAN PT50 0033 0000 3718 0000 6245 5).

Although secure, chat platforms will not eliminate 100% the risk of hacking. Do not neglect your software maintenance and use alternative means of contact in case you notice successive connection failures.


Is there a coverage of psychotherapy costs?

In the absence of protocols with insurers, health subsystems or partnerships, the list price applies (fixed value defined by the professional and / or entity providing services). If you have an health insurance, check if – and in what terms – psychotherapy is included in your plan. Clinical and health psychology is a specialty of the Order of Psychologists, which means they are considered health expenses for tax purposes.